As Revised and Adopted November 8, 2014
Article I – Title
This society shall be known as the Stark County Agricultural Society.
To improve, promote and preserve the public welfare through the understanding of agriculture, horticulture, domestic art and science, general community betterment together with all other industrial, commercial and educational interests of the County of Stark and the State of Ohio.
It is also, the purpose of the Stark County Agricultural Society to serve and benefit the citizens of Stark County, the surrounding counties and the State of Ohio, by planning, organizing and operating the Stark County Fair, as well as carrying out the other purposes stated herein, all of which promote and serve the vital industry of agriculture in Ohio.
Article III – Membership
SEC. 1. Any person, 18 years of age or older and a resident of Stark County may become a Member of this Society by paying annually the sum fixed by the Board of Directors, two weeks before old one expires, otherwise, not later than first day of Fair.
SEC. 2. No membership certificate shall be issued to corporations, organizations, partnerships, or firms. All membership certificates shall be issued in the name of an individual who has paid the required membership fee and only those persons whose names appear upon the membership certificate shall have a right to vote at the annual meeting of the Society or hold office. No person shall be allowed to purchase memberships for anyone other than themselves and members of their immediate family, except it be to make entries for some other person. Memberships may be purchased in the Society office on the Fairgrounds, Canton, Monday through Friday.
SEC. 3. Any former Board Member having served three or more terms on the Board of Directors shall be considered an honorary member of the Board without voting power and shall receive a free pass to the annual fair.
SEC. 4. The Fair Board Member has no authority except when sitting as a member of the board. They should refrain from discussing confidential matters with anyone not in a responsible position. They will be equally in error if they compromise the board of fair officials by conversation about matters best kept as matter of board record.
Article IV – Board of Directors
SEC. 1. The Board of Directors shall consist of 20 members; one member from each Township, also Canton, Massillon, and At-Large.
SEC. 2. The Directors shall be elected for a term of three years and so arranged that one-third of the members be elected each year.
Article V – Election
SEC. 1. The annual election of Directors of the Society will be  held in conjunction with the Annual Dinner Meeting of the membership of the Stark county Agricultural Society held within the first two weeks of November. Election ballots must be mark with an “X” opposite the name of the candidate or issue being voted on; otherwise the vote will not be counted, unless the intent is very clear.
Members of the Society will be notified by mail as to the location, date and time of the election/meeting at least two weeks prior.
SEC. 2. Ballots can not be taken out of the room for distribution or marking. The voter shall procure the ballots from the Election Board and remain in the room for marking and voting. Any information needed, shall be given by the judges. No soliciting of votes will be allowed in the voting room.
SEC. 3. Only members of the Society 18 years of age, residents of Stark County, can vote or hold office.
SEC. 4. The annual election of the Society shall be held by three judges and two clerks appointed by the President.
SEC. 5. Candidates for Directors of the Society must be members of the Society, and must declare their candidacy for the office of a Director of the Fair Board of Directors by filing with the Secretary of the Stark County Agricultural Society, at least (30) days before the annual election of directors is held. In order for a person to run for the position of Director for the Stark County Agricultural Society, that individual must have been a member in good standing of the Society for at least two years out of the three years prior to the election including the calendar year of the election.  To become a candidate for election to the Board of Directors, the potential candidate must have a minimum of twenty (20) member signatures on the nomination petition. At least five (5) of those member signatures must be from the district to be represented.  these five signatures will not be required for member will not be required for members running as director-at-large or whose district to be represented has fewer that five member of the Society. Only regularly nominated candidates who have met the filing requirements will be eligible for election as director. The Secretary shall give three weeks notice of said election in at least two newspapers of general circulation.
SEC. 6. Any vacancy, caused by death, resignation, refusal to qualify, open seat, removal from township or city or causes, or absence from three meetings, unless due to absence from the County, illness of the Director or member of his or her family, may be deemed grounds for declaring his or her place on the Board vacant. Directors shall notify the Secretary of reason for absence not later than the date of the third
absence. Position can be appointed with a member at large until the next annual election, when a director shall be elected according to Article IV Sec 1 for the un-expired term. If position remains vacant, after 3 years, it becomes an “At Large” position. Director at large is any current member of the Stark County Agricultural Society.
SEC. 7. The terms of office of the retiring Directors shall expire and that of the Directors, elect shall begin on the first Saturday, following the first Friday of November of each year, or until their successors are qualified.
Article VI – Organization and Meetings
SEC. 1. The Board of Directors shall meet annually on the first Saturday following the first Friday of November of each year, and elect a President, Vice President, Treasurer, Superintendent of police, Superintendent of Gates and Superintendent of Parking, and such other officers as it may deem proper to serve one year or until their successors are elected and qualified. The Secretary shall be a hired position with contract to be reviewed each year.
SEC. 2. All officers shall be elected from the membership of the Board, except the Secretary, Treasurer and Chief of Police, who may or may not be.
SEC. 3. Before election of officers, the newly elected Directors shall qualify by taking the following oath (or affirmation) before a competent authority.
“I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support the Constitution of the United States, the Constitution of the State of Ohio, the rules and regulations of the Ohio State Board of Agriculture pertaining to County Fairs, and to the best of my ability perform the duties of Director of the Stark County Agricultural Society, so help me God.”
SEC. 4. Any Officer or Member of the Board may be temporarily removed from such office or Membership on this Board by a majority vote of the Board at any regular meeting. Notice shall be served on such officer or member by mail or person within ten days of such action, He shall be given an opportunity to defend himself at the next regular or special meeting of the Board, when if by a three-fourths (3/4) vote such removal shall become permanent.
SEC. 5. The annual exhibition of the Fair Association shall be held on such dates as the Board may choose at the approval of the State Board of Agriculture, for the best interests of the Society and County.
SEC. 6. The annual meeting of the membership of the Stark County Agricultural Society shall be held at least two weeks before the annual election of the Board of Directors.
Article VII – Miscellaneous
SEC. 1. The compensation of Board members shall be fixed by the Board in accord with the rules of the State board of Agriculture for payment of 12 of the 14 meetings. (Excludes daily fair meetings)
SEC. 2. The Board shall fix the salary of the Secretary and Treasurer, an amount in accord with the rules of the State Board of Agriculture.
SEC. 3. The Board shall regulate the distribution of passes.
SEC. 4. Each Board member who attends the Winter Convention, Summer Convention or Home Talent Colt Stakes meeting shall be paid as determined by the board on a yearly basis.
Article VIII
RULE 9. The constitution or by-laws of a society shall not be amended except by a majority vote of the membership voting at the annual election of the Board of Directors or at the annual meeting of the membership of the society. Amendments to the Constitution or by-laws may be proposed by:
(A) A majority of the board of directors at a scheduled meeting voting in favor of placing an amendment on the ballot; or
(B) Filing a petition with the secretary of the society at least 14 days prior to the annual election of the board of directors or to the annual meeting of the membership of the society. Said petition must set forth the proposed amendment and be signed by not less than 25 members of the society. If an amendment is proposed as set forth in (A) or (B) above, it shall be submitted to the membership of the society at either the annual election or the annual meeting of the membership of the society. Said amendment shall be published in at least one newspaper of general circulation in the county or district concerned, no less than three but not more than ten days before it is to be voted on. When more than one amendment shall be submitted at the same time, they shall be so submitted as to enable the members to vote on each amendment separately.

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